Benicia Intermodal Facilities

Benicia, California

City of Benicia

Subconsultant to Kimley-Horn Associates

2010 - 2011

Community Design + Architecture (CD+A) collaborated with lead consultant Kimley-Horn Associates (KHA) to develop conceptual designs for the Benicia Intermodal Facilities project. The project includes two regional bus stops and on-street parking facilities for a new regional bus route that provides service along the Military Highway corridor between the Vallejo Ferry Terminal and the Walnut Creek BART Station. One of the bus stops is located adjacent to City Park, Downtown Benicia's most significant public open space and an important civic landmark. The other bus stop is located on Military Highway at the western edge of Benicia, near the off ramp from Interstate 780 and adjacent to single-family residential development.

CD+A was responsible for the development of a series of design alternatives that explored different options for the layout of bus stop amenities as well as the location and configuration of the required parking spaces at each of the two bus stop sites. At the City Park location, design efforts focused on opportunities to extend the sidewalk area available to pedestrians and bus passengers through a reduction of space used for traffic lanes and on the sensitive integration of bus stop and parking along the edges of the park. For the western site, CD+A and KHA employed a 'road diet' approach to Military Highway in order to create space for the desired bus stop amenities and parking spaces. The proposed concept also aims to achieve a reduction in speeds of vehicles entering Benicia from Interstate 780. In addition, CD+A developed design concepts for entry markers that can be integrated into the intermodal facilities at both sites.

In early 2011, the design team will continue with work on Phase 2 of the project, which encompasses the preparation of construction documents, bid support, and construction support services.