Dublin Transit Center Design Guidelines

Dublin, California

East Bay Community Foundation
Livable Communities Initiative

Lead Consultant

2002 - 2005

The Dublin Transit Center is a transit-oriented development area directly north of the Dublin/Pleasanton Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station that has begun construction. BART and Alameda County initially owned all of the land. The County prepared and received approvals for a Specific Plan covering the area, which served as a surface parking lot for BART and also included undeveloped parcels.

CD+A was hired by the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF), through their Livable Communities Initiative, to undertake two phases of work in relation to the Transit Center project. For the first phase, completed in 2002, CD+A prepared a critique of the proposed Specific Plan and EIR in regards to the Plan's effectiveness in achieving high-quality, transit-oriented development. CD+A found that the plan provided insufficient guidance for the design of building frontages and their relationship to the streets and open spaces in the station area. There were no guidelines or standards to define the architectural design quality and character that is needed to create a pedestrian supportive environment. Also, certain key aspects of the landscape and site design were not addressed.

Subsequent to the City Councils approval of the Specific Plan, the Council invited EBCF to undertake the second phase of the project. EBCF hired CD+A to address the issues identified in the first phase and to work with City of Dublin staff and future developers through the development approvals process to improve the design quality of future development in the Specific Plan area. CD+A prepared design standards and guidelines that complemented and strengthened the Specific Plans own directives to create a transit- and pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use district by defining the desired faade and urban design character of future buildings. This will ensure that the Transit Center is a successful transit-oriented development rather than just high-density housing in proximity to transit.

CD+A assisted in the review of three initial development proposals submitted to the County and the City of Dublin by D.R. Horton, Avalon Bay and EAH. At present, all three have completed construction. Avalon Bay is now under construction with the development of another mixed use development directly adjacent to the BART station and D.R. Horton is finalizing planning approvals for another mixed use condominium and townhome development which will complete the primary commercial main street from Dublin Boulevard to the BART station.