Holly Park Hope VI Project Phase III

Seattle, Washington

City of Seattle Housing Authority

Subconsultant to Solomon E.T.C.

2000 - 2002

CD+A was the urban design, land use planning, and public participation consultant on a team of consultants led by Solomon E.T.C. working with the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) on Holly Park Phase III, a HOPE VI project. The 20-plus acre site is located adjacent to a Sound Transit light rail station in southeast Seattle. The project included the master planning and detailed design of the site for approximately 400 units of mixed-income homes and several mixed-use buildings. In the master planning process, CD+A focused on both the design of streets internal to the new development and the design of a pedestrian and business-friendly environment along two arterial roadways adjacent to the site. For the main arterial, CD+A designed a streetscape of wide sidewalks where business activities can spill out onto the street and a double row of street trees where homes face the street. The secondary arterial street bordering the northern edge of the site is designed as a mixed-use main street with wide tree lined sidewalks and on-street parking. The internal residential streets are designed to have a narrow roadway width with parking on both sides, and other design features that slow traffic, discourage through traffic, and result in streets that are geared toward the pedestrian and an asset to the neighborhood. CD+A collaborated with the civil engineering consultants on the team to develop a green infrastructure system for the treatment of storm water run-off from the streets surrounding the neighborhood's major park.

CD+A's work also included the development of a concept plan for the Othello Station area surrounding the SHA site. This plan includes a mix of civic and residential uses, as well as a concept for the reconstruction of a Safeway market as an anchor to a mixed-use Town Center. The LINK light rail stop is operational and a new mixed-use project, as part of the Othello LINK light rail station is being constructed across the light rail stop.