Menlo Gateway

Menlo Park, CA

Bohannon Development Company

Prime Consultant

2002 - 2010

Community Design + Architecture recently completed the entitlements phase of our work with a team of consultants, led by the law firm of Luce, Forward, Hamilton and Scripps, LLP, in assisting the David D. Bohannon Development Organization in strategizing for the future of several property holdings located in the City of Menlo Park, California. The properties are currently developed as light industrial uses or are vacant.

CD+A assisted in both policy formulation and the entitlements process to secure the future of the properties under a Development Agreement with the city. This includes formulating a new designation for a General Plan amendment and a new zoning district for a rezoning of the properties. The current light industrial buildings are proposed to be redeveloped as a mixed-use project consisting of Class A office space, a hotel with a cafe/restaurant component, health club, smaller retail and community facilities, and parking structures to serve as shared facilities between the uses. Pedestrian-friendly streetscape improvements, low impact stormwater development, and LEED certification are planned for the project.

Project entitlements were approved and the EIR was certified by City Council in June 2010 and approved by 70% of Menlo Park voters in November 2010. Phase I is expected to go into construction between 2011 and 2016.