Tesoro Viejo

Madera County, California

Tesoro Viejo, Inc.

Lead Consultant

Master Plan: 2005 - 2007
Specific Plan: 2007 - 2012

CD+A is the lead planning and urban design consultant for a large-scale mixed-use development, Tesoro Viejo, a 1,500-acre community in southeastern Madera County, north of Fresno, California. The community will have from 3,800 to 5,200 dwelling units, with individual neighborhoods having a range of densities from townhomes and small lot courts to larger lot single family homes and rural clustered homes. The design encourages walking and bicycling within the neighborhoods and to community services and amenities. A mixed-use community core incorporates high density residential, community retail, and office uses, and will be the primary retail and employment center for southeast Madera County.

The project includes approximately 2.5 to 3.5 million square feet of commercial and business park/industrial space, consisting of both light industrial and highway service or large format commercial along the future planned Highway 41, as well as the potential for office/ Research & Development flex uses in closer proximity to the community core. A smaller mixed-use neighborhood center is planned in the eastern portion of the site to provide services to local neighborhoods and the community village, outside of the project, to the north. Two elementary schools and other public institutional uses such as a library and churches are being planned to anchor several neighborhood centers throughout the rest of the community.

CD+A began the design process by identifying and preserving the unique natural, archeological, and agricultural resources of the site and using them to establish the community's open space structure. About 200 acres of open space, primarily the site's networks of drainage courses (not including two canals), are being preserved and used as part of the network of bicycle and pedestrian trails. An additional 200-300 acres of open space will be incorporated into residentially designated areas, boulevards, and neighborhood parks. CD+A staff developed a street network that will disperse traffic to preclude wide 'divider' streets. As part of this, a set of multi-modal street cross sections were developed that are not only pedestrian and bicycle-friendly, but also incorporate landscaped-based stormwater treatment and control facilities.

In the late fall of 2005 CD+A completed Phase I of the project presenting the preliminary plan to County officials. The Specific Plan was approved and CEQA documentation was certified in 2008. A revised Specific Plan was approved in 2012.